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wholesome treats for those with four feet

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what pet owners say

"Special Treats"

“Our sweet girls, Dory and Fiona, could hardly wait when they smelled their special treats from puppy love bakery! I nearly lost a finger to Fiona's puppy teeth when she went for seconds. ”

"Paws Down, 5 Stars"

“My dogs love treats, and they can't just eat one. They follow me around 'til I give them more or hide them. These treats are fresh, which is amazing because I know they haven't sat on a shelf in a store for months. I highly recommend these treats. Paws down, 5-stars.”

"Baylee Approved"

“Baylee absolutely loved her treats. She tried to get them off the counter, and she has never done that before. Then, she nearly knocked the whole bag out of my hand while she was dancing around to get them.”

Amanda H.

Sherri B.

LaDanna G.

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